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Posted on February 3, 2012 by admin
Topic of the Day…”Crazy things I do for cures”
I have been doing some (what some people think) wild and crazy things, and some common sense things, to keep the cancer from growing. I think I’m on to something because the tumor is not growing bigger! Here are some examples (none of these can hurt me so no need to worry). Hey, this may sound crazy but oranges as a cure for scurvey sounded crazy at one time as well. What a simple cure that is.
  1. Grape Seed Extract: An article I posted in yesterday’s blog shows that it reduces and/or kills cancer cells, so of course I ran out and bought some (500mg). I opened up a capsule and mixed it with two ounces of distilled water and have been soaking a mouthful of solution at a time. I plan to do this for two days as often throughout the day as possible.
  2. Baking Soda: Some researchers think cancer is a fungus. Therefore, I bath my mouth with baking soda. Simple Arm & Hammer. I also brush my teeth (gently) with it. I soaked my mouoth nightly for 20 minutes before I discovered Grape Seed Extract. I also used this treatment throughout the day about 2 days per week. At a recent dentist visit I was told I had extremely white teeth so they assumed I bleached them. They were surprised when i told them I hadn’t. Simple baking soda did the trick!
  3. Red Light Therapy: I have a hand held red light therapy unit that I shine in my mouth in hopes that it will stimulate healthy cells while the high dose intravenous vitamin c, grape seed extract and baking soda kills the cancer cells.
  4. Alkaline Water: Rather than buy an expensive water filter I simply add a small amont of baking soda to a jug of distilled water. Makes the water alkaline (a little more complicated but you get the point). Cancer grows in acidic bodies.

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