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Kim Schoof was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She is married to John Schoof and together they raised Kim’s two children, Shaun Svenson and Timothy Svenson.

Kim & John Schoof raised Kim’s two children, Shaun and Tim.

Her Christian Life

In 1976 Kim’s mother Alena Halverson moved the family to Des Moines, Washington and they soon became a born again Christians. Committed to serving God, Kim immediately withdrew from public school and enrolled in a private Christian school where she continued the rest of her education. After high school she went on to attend Bible College. In 1992, Kim and John produced a series of shows called “Northwest Gospel Jubilee” that aired on cable TV.

Kim and friends at the first Northwest Gospel Jubilee.

With $20 to work with, they recruited and auditioned musical talent, hair and makeup stylists, and worked a trade out with the local Christian radio sponsor KGNW. Gerry Andal offered his restaurant as the venue where food could be served up while guests enjoyed the musicians as they played Christian music. Three hours before opening night the crowd lined up outside was so large Gerry feared the fire department would shut down the event. The event sold out and hundreds of people were turned away. After it was all done, Gerry ended up generously donating all the money he received in food sales to the cause (may he rest in peace). Not too long later, John and Kim learned that one of the musicians (David Bolster) had terminal cancer so they put together a fundraising event for him at the Temple Theater in Tacoma. David used that money for alternative treatments and outlived the dire “death” predictions of his doctors who were against alternative treatment. From 1996 and on, John and Kim Schoof have been inspired to have Christian home fellowships and have helped raise funds for cancer victims at multiple events.

Home Fellowship 1 Video

Home Fellowship 2 Video


Her Career – In a Nutshell

During the early course of her career, Kim single handedly raised her two sons while working and attending college classes, accumulating nearly 120 combined college credits at City University, Highline Community College, and Renton Technical College. She continued her education after her marriage to John, attending Portland Community College as well. In 2002 she passed the Washington State Relators exam and sold real estate through 2005 until she was diagnosed with cancer, at which time she let her license expire. Since 1987 Kim has assisted her serial entrepreneur husband John Schoof with consulting projects and launching multiple media companies including CyberCoupons.com a division of Opt-In Media Corporation.

Kim working the phones for People’s Choice (Watch Video).

Kim working in the high-tech office of the day.

Kim and her two children, Shaun and Tim.

John and Kim Schoof with officiant and family on wedding day.


Her Family Life

Kim and John currently live in Auburn, Washington, just seven minutes from their business. Most of their time is spent on ministry related projects and/or business. Their son Shaun has been working at the family business since he was a teenager. He is the key web developer and internet strategist using methods such as cluster analysis and multivariate analysis to derive key metrics and produce information that can be leveraged and sold to merchant accounts (that’s a mouthful). He earned a double major at Central Washington University in Business Administration and Economics. Their son Timothy is a transportation consultant for the Ford Motor Company (aka car salesman at Renton Sound Ford). Tim began his career with his parents as well, learning to stage video shoots and taking courses in multi-media at Highline Community College. He soon learned that his talent was sales and opted instead to go the sales route where he earned significantly more money than most people earn with a college degree.

Kim and family at a 2015 SuperBowl gathering.

Despite all the mundane projects, the family finds time to get together to watch movies, play board games and when requested, Kim and John happily give “parental advice.” Most recently, last Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve the family spent quality time together (including Shaun and Tim’s girlfriends and one little boy), where they all gave thanks to God with a deep appreciation of His bountiful blessings and prayed prayers for a healthy future.


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