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Great news!

They couldn’t find any cancer in the sample they got! We are very happy about this. This biopsy is the same tissue size sample they got for the base line back in September, and in the exact same area (the neck tumor). Dr. Martins said they won’t be ordering any more biopsies.

They will be taking another CT scan February 12th 2015 that should be quite revealing! Let’s all pray Dr.Futron is correct in his thinking that all that is remaining is scar tissue in the tongue and lungs!

God bless you all.

John and Kim



After being cancer free for six years I was officially diagnosed with a recurrence of squamous cell carcinoma cancer on January 4, 2012. I attribute my healing for the last six years to prayer, a healthy lifestyle, wholesome food choices and my trust in God. However, I did not always stay on the course of healthy living and looking back, I should have realized I would always need to pay careful attention to maintaining my health. Regardless, I am certain that this cancer is being reversed as I write.

This website will chronicle the steps I am taking to fight this battle, one step at a time. I am open to explore alternative treatments. I am determined to live a healthy lifestyle. I am dedicated to trust God and receive healing from my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. I have faith that the Lord healed me once and He will do it again. It took me six years to get back to this point but in due time, as I care for my body and with constant prayer, I have no doubt I will become whole again.


Neck Surgery

My quest for information on alternative medicine began April 2005 when I went to my doctor at Marina Medical to get treated for a sore throat and a lump on my neck. He sent me to Harborview Medical Center for tests. When the results came in on a Friday at 5:00 p.m., I was told I had stage 4a squamous cell carcinoma cancer of the tonsil and that it metastasized in my lymph nodes. My oncologist told me that without surgery I would die from cancer and they scheduled me for surgery the following Tuesday. After surgery, my oncologist informed me that they did not get clear margin, meaning cancer cells were found on the edge of the tonsil tumor they removed and I would have to get another surgery. I also discovered that they removed my saliva gland because they assumed I would follow up with radiation and it would be destroyed anyway. It was during this time that I began to notice the consequences of the first surgery. My vocal chords had been paralyzed during the surgery and I could hardly talk. The muscles in my neck were cut and I could hardly raise my right arm to lift anything. The right side of my face and neck were numb. Fortunately, my oncologist was able to repair my vocal chords quite a bit by taking my own fat and injecting it during the next surgery. The drawback of the second surgery was that they took too much margin and it caused me to have severe post nasal drip to this day.


Soon after, I was scheduled to meet with the radiologist to discuss the next step of getting radiation and chemotherapy treatment, which is the standard protocol. Instead, I decided to pursue another course of action.First, I would put my trust in God. Next, I change my lifestyle to include exercise and healthy eating habits including a diet of organic foods, and third, I would research ways to build my immune system to fight the cancer. The sheer volume of information on alternative medicine and nutrition was overwhelming to me. However, I found there is significant evidence that building the immune system has been shown to substantially benefit health and longevity for people in my condition so I sought out a reputable wellness clinic and began planning for alternative treatment. I found an alternative treatment clinic in Scottsdale Arizona and began making plans to get there. I found an alternative treatment clinic in Scottsdale Arizona and began making plans to get there.

Cancer Healing Testimony Video

Before I left I met with the radiologist that had planned on treating me. When I told her I was opting instead for alternative treatment rather than radiation, she was shocked. She told me I needed to start radiation and chemotherapy immediately in order to increase my chance of survival to 75%. Without it I would eventually die from my disease. Although this information was meant to shake me up, I told her I was still going to pursue alternative treatment. In no uncertain terms she responded by telling me “Those people are charlatans. I want to heal you.” She concluded by telling me “Only an ignorant person would refuse radiation treatment.” My six week course of alternative treatment therapy included daily high dose intravenous vitamin C while breathing oxygen dispensed from a tank through my nose, a daily concoction of vitamin shots including B’s, peace and tranquility, and other treatments including a special organic diet and whey protein drinks which contributed to me gaining back a lot of the weight I had lost from the surgeries.


In early October 2005, three months after I went to the wellness clinic in Arizona I noticed another lump in my neck which turned out to be a recurrence of cancer in the form of an enlarged lymph node. I was immediately scheduled for surgery where it was removed. Later that month I went to get a CAT scan to verify that the cancer was gone. Instead, I was told that there was another enlarged lymph node. Once again, my oncologist recommended that I immediately schedule radiation and chemotherapy because of its recurrence.


When I met with the radiologist, she had five doctors there (including herself as well as the chemotherapy doctor) who could talk to me about what to expect. The first thing I found out was that they now wanted me to get high dose radiation instead of regular radiation due to the aggressive nature of the cancer. I was told that I now had only a 25% chance of survival without the prescribed high dose radiation and chemotherapy. If I didn’t get it the cancer could continue to travel through my lymph nodes and get into my bones and lungs and once it did, I could be dead in as little as three months. To prepare for the procedures I would need to see a dentist to fit my teeth with trays to soak them in fluoride and prep my mouth. I would have a feeding tube inserted into my stomach because the high dose radiation would burn my mouth and throat from the inside out. I would not be able to swallow or eat. The radiation would damage my remaining saliva glands and I would probably lose my teeth as a result of the treatment. The chemotherapy would contribute to making me sick and my hair would thin. Most alarming to me was that I was instructed not to do anything to build my immune system. Unfortunately, these doctors have a protocol from which they will not deviate. It is run-of-the-mill treatment that includes high-dose radiation and chemotherapy. My doctors were frustrated with my decision not to go through with radiation and chemotherapy. However, I reluctantly agreed to go forward one step at a time. Instead of a CAT scan I requested a PET scan, which would show exactly where any enlarged cancerous lymph nodes were located. My radiologist in turn requested that I be fitted for a mask. On October 31st (Halloween – it wasn’t a good day) I went in to be fitted for a mask that they would use for my radiation treatments. I would wear the mask while they screwed it to a table for each treatment.


In early November I got the PET scan I requested although the results wouldn’t be in for a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I went to the Shelton Healing Rooms for prayer. There were dozens of prayer chains and people praying for me at this point. I put a fleece before the Lord. If the PET scan came back negative I would not go for treatment. If it came back positive, I would continue my one step at a time plan. When the PET scan results came in, my radiologist wasn’t in that day so I met with the head of the department. He said “Come with me so I can show you where the cancer is.” We looked on the computer screen and I watched as he explained “we are looking in your brain, now we’re looking at scar tissue…” Then he said “Well I can’t find the cancer.” I was elated. The fleece I set before the Lord was answered. I would not get radiation and chemotherapy. When I followed up and met with my radiologist, she was still pushing me to get the treatment. When I told her they couldn’t find the cancer she said “that doesn’t mean anything” and I responded with “well it means something to me.” She followed up with a letter warning me of “ultimate death” without the treatment. That was six years ago.

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