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PNC27 is supposed to cause malformed or transformed cells (cancer) to lyse from violent cell necrosis.

There are 100 to 140 trillion cells as human beings and each day our bodies produce 100 billion cells or more.

Each day the human body faces 10,000 or more malformed or pre-cancerous cells. In a properly functioning body these cells are dealt with by our immune system or the cell itself senses problems and causes apoptosis.

It is when these cells are ignored by our immune system – perhaps due to nutrient deficiencies or environmental influence – that a cancer can take hold.

PNC27 is a simple tiny molecule that is supposed to attache to a surface protein only found in malformed or transformed cells causing them to die quickly while supposedly leaving normal cells unaffected.

In Kim Schoof’s case she did not respond positively to the PNC-27 treatment.

PNC-27 Treatment: Kim begins the PNC-27 treatment.

Kim After PNC-27 Treatment: (On the left) Kim, weighing 89 lbs, was told by the University of Washington, in July 2014, that there was nothing more they could do for her, that she had about a week to live. She was sent home to die.

Kim After siRNA Treatment: (In the Middle) After siRNA treatment 7 months later, Kim weighs 114 lbs. and is at home enjoying the SuperBowl with her family.

12 Months After She Was Given 1 Week to Live: (On the right) As of July 2015, Kim now weighs 117 lbs. and is enjoying her home and trimming her bushes. She is still alive thanking God and enjoying life!






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