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Kim Schoof was the first patient in a human pilot study for the siRNA treatment. Because her results were so outstanding a second pilot study is underway for twenty patients. Here are two links the first link to the video we shot and produced at our home that explains the science behind siRNA: http://www.opt-inmedia.com/doctorsforum-presentation/doctorsforum.html The second is a link to their website: www.nanorapharma.com

The present technology is about delivering siRNA molecules through nanoparticles as a cancer therapy. A platform technology, which can be tailored specifically to target different cancer types, with an ability to bypass physiological barriers and blood brain barrier. It can be delivered via non-invasive means such as intranasal or intravenous route of administration. The technological focus of our company is on developing peptide-tagged PEGylated chitosan nanoparticles for siRNA delivery at the targeted, diseased site via non-invasive routes of administration. The nanoparticle based therapeutic complexation increases the stability, delivery and efficacy of the existing therapeutic molecules, such as, siRNAs and drugs. The focus of this plan, and our most developed product, is the launch of “NoraPLK-1”, a polymeric nanoparticle carrying siRNA against polo like kinase 1 gene, a proto-oncogene, whose over-expression is observed in most tumor cells. The NoraPLK-1 formulation has shown 50.7% reduction of the PLK1 gene expression in a 2-week study conducted on the mouse xenograft model of colon cancer. In a human clinical trial intervention (6 weeks), we have also observed complete disappearance of the stage IV squamous cell carcinoma (Tonsil), using direct injection of NoraPLK-1 formulation, along with 50% reduction in the metastasized lung cancer (intranasal delivery). We also have encouraging results from our pre-clinical proof-of-concept study, which shows delivery of siRNA to the brain (cerebral cortex), via intranasal route of administration. These results suggest that the unique combination of materials in our platform technology is able to deliver therapeutics and can be used for the treatment of lung and brain cancer.

According to the doctors Kim is in full remission! All the cancer in her throat, lungs is completely gone except for some scar tissue. Her weight hit an all time high today 120.5 lbs. Praise God!

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