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Dr. Renato G. Martins, MD, MPH (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance) – Dr. Martins is the medical director for thoracic/head and neck oncology and Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine, as well as outpatient general oncology and hematology at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Dr. Martins was recognized in 2013 and 2014 as a “Top Doctor” in Seattle magazine’s annual survey, and in Seattle Met magazine’s annual survey. He is the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance lead investigator for numerous clinical trials. (Watch Video)



The purpose of this study is to:
• test the safety and tolerability of the research study drug, MK-3475.
• to see ifMK-3475 has anti-tumor activity in advanced solid tumors.

Your immune system is designed to help your body fight off sickness. Some cancers are able to prevent the immune system from destroying the cancer cells. MK-3475 is a protein that is designed to block these effects and allow your body’s immune system to destroy the cancer cells. This is a research study to test a drug that has not been approved for sale.

Great news!

They couldn’t find any cancer in the sample they got! We are very happy about this. This biopsy is the same tissue size sample they got for the base line back in September, and in the exact same area (the neck tumor). Dr. Martins said they won’t be ordering any more biopsies.

They will be taking another CT scan February 12th 2015 that should be quite revealing! Let’s all pray Dr.Futron is correct in his thinking that all that is remaining is scar tissue in the tongue and lungs!

God bless you all.

John and Kim

Kim’s After Biopsy: (Dr. Martins’ office)

Case Study – Nora PLK-1 Human Clinical Trial

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