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“It is incumbent on my staff and me to move our focus from merely reacting to medical crises to the bigger issues of disease prevention and optimal long-term management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disease and chemical dependency.

I firmly believe that if people know better they will do better. As a physician it is much more valuable to guide the over-stressed, overweight patient toward a healthier diet and lifestyle than to merely prescribe medication with their potential for side effects. Patients need to know that many chronic health problems are preventable, and our job as health care providers is to provide the information and structure needed to realize that goal.

The human potential is greater than we can imagine, and good health is basic to realizing that potential. What we think and feel are just as important as what we eat and do. Whether it’s our commitment to listen to your concerns, or to provide new information and insights regarding your condition, it is our pledge to you to do our best to help you attain your maximum level of wellness.”

- Dr. Brown, Marina Medical





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